Megan Maczko

Megan Maczko

Talent Description
  • 25th June 2019

Megan Maczko is an an award winning writer-director and a critically acclaimed actress.

Drawing on her experience of being born outside Detroit and growing into a filmmaker in Europe, Megan brings her own character- driven, cinematic perspective to the table. Megan’s first film is the recently completed short entitled The In-Between. Set in Las Vegas, the film explores one woman’s inner conflict as she decides whether to see her estranged father before he dies and give him the forgiveness he doesn’t deserve. The film is also a prologue to a feature length script Megan is developing entitled Underneath. Based on a true story of horrific events that took place on a small island in Lake Michigan in the 1970s, Underneath is a dual-narrative thriller that reveals how privilege enabled a network of powerful men to commit some of the country’s darkest transgressions against children and its lasting impact on the families it destroyed.

Megan’s second project as a writer/director was with dark comedy series Going Down: The 7 Deadly Sins of the Office Christmas Party launched in December 2018. The series made exclusively for Instagram has received over 500k views, as well as high praise.

More Information

Megan is also director of commercials. She made her debut earlier this year with a St. Patrick’s Day campaign for Guinness

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